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What’s Your Story?

You:The Unicorn
You graduated from one of the Top 5’s. You were born and bred for success. You are what the tech industry calls, “The Unicorn.” Highly educated, ambitious, focused, a good “culture fit.” You know who you need to be to get the job done. Emotions, self-care, intimate relationships – they don’t make the cut. This worked – at first. But now putting yourself second (or 3rd or 103rd) is taking its toll. Your performance, your relationships, your ability to get things done — these things are starting to falter. You know you need help, but you don’t know where to start. Welcome.
You:The Nerd
You’re smart, introverted and highly sensitive to the emotions (real or perceived) of others. Though you’re quirky, kind and introspective, your fear of judgement keeps you from fully letting your freak flag fly. You know you’re a great friend, a good catch and a stellar employee, but your tendency to hide leads you to get passed over by others who may be less qualified than you. You know things need to change, but you don’t exactly know what. You’re in the right place.
You:The Rock
You’ve fought hard to get where you are. You’ve had to turn your emotional life off in order to survive a world that often feels like it wasn’t meant for you. You often feel lonely, tired and misunderstood. Though the process of connecting to your feelings feels terrifying or even downright ridiculous, another part of you knows that you aren’t connecting authentically to your your friends, your co-workers or yourself. You understand rationally the the highest achievers are in touch with their feelings, but you are skeptical about whether this makes sense for you. It’s time to find out.

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Where Do You Want To Go?

The highest achievers are those who are comfortable with their emotional experience. You got this far by turning your emotions off and getting shit done – – but what got you here, won’t get you to the next level. Very few people want to do therapy, but the most successful people understand that investing in oneself is the first step to creating a powerful life.

  • Stop engaging with management from a place of fear and start approaching professional relationships with ease.

  • Move from feeling disconnected and lonely to a life where you have deep, meaningful relationships spent with people who really get you.

  • Stop apologizing for who you are in the world and learn how to embrace and utilize all of your parts to reach your potential.

What People Are Saying

Molly Merson
Molly MersonMarriage & Family Therapist
Tiffany is quick-witted, curious, and thoughtful in her approach to therapy (and to life). She has a knack for asking enlivening questions that help spark your own connections, ideas, and desires, so you can approach whatever conflict you’re having with confidence and strength. I refer to her whenever someone needs an inspiring therapist who thinks differently than the status quo. She can help get you get curious about your unconscious saboteur, and develop the deep courage to live the life you really want.
Martina Bakilana
Martina BakilanaSocial Worker
Tiffany is awesome! She is thoughtful, honest and reliable. Tiffany will challenge you to think outside the box. If you are looking for personal growth, or need motivation she’s where to start.
Marcela Ardema
Marcela ArdemaLCSW
Tiffany is dedicated to supporting individuals from a diverse background and on an intimate level. She skillfully guides her clients on their journey to greater self-awareness and life-changing conclusions while thoughtfully fostering self-determination and being culturally mindful. Although Tiffany is a brainiac and self-proclaimed lover of psychoanalysis, she has a down-to-earth and relatable way to connect with those she interacts with regardless of age, socio-economic status, race or ethnicity. Tiffany is a breath of fresh air whose undivided attention will have you excited for your next encounter with her.

Tiffany McLain

Tiffany is no longer taking on new clients. 

Tiffany is on a mission to help Straddlers — those who live between income, ethnic, historical and social worlds — reach their fullest potential. She’s a licensed therapist with an M.S. in clinical psychology. Her work can be found in Psychology Today, Huffington Post, Psyched Magazine and SF Weekly.

Ready to stop existing in a vague, frustrated half-assed life? Sign up for a free 20-minute consultation. During the call, I’ll help you think about whether therapy is right for you. In this pressure-free conversation, we can talk about what you’re struggling with. I’ll answer your questions and I’ll have a few of my own. Together we’ll discuss your options and help you figure out the next steps.