It is my absolute passion is to help out-of-the-box people excel.

As a bi-racial kiddo growing up in small-town America, it quickly became clear to me that nothing is “black and white.” Despite the constant push – from society, media, friends and family – that we fit neatly into a box, my existence defied such narratives. I became obsessed with understanding this phenomenon.

We are all made of opposing parts – love and hate, frustration and joy, confusion and certainty –yet, many of us deal with our contradictory parts by shutting down, whether that’s through binge eating, drinking, sex, or simply denying that we feel anything at all. 

 It became my mission and passion to figure out how to cope with the contradictions we have inside of us by learning to live WITH our emotions, becoming intimately comfortable with all parts of ourselves. 

I love working with young professionals who are dealing with: 

  • fear that they are one slip-up away from being outed as professional imposters
  • frustration at having to play a role and fit in at work, even when it doesn’t feel right
  • sabotaging their own success at work and in relationships
  • struggles with speaking clearly and assertively in the work place
  • emotions like sadness, rage and fear that feel impossible to talk about 
  • feelings that they don’t fit full into any world – “black or white”
  • difficulty finding and sustaining romantic relationships 

 One of the regrets that pains me the most is to hear from folks who desperately wish they’d started therapy sooner, as they look back on an unlived life. If you struggle with any of the issues above, I urge you – do not wait. 

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