What does it mean to be in  a relationship?

Are you and your partner confused about how to answer this question?

  • You constantly fight and wonder “Is this normal?”

  • You wonder if you’re growing apart, but don’t know how to talk about this.canstockphoto4328221

  • You feel like you’re super in love, but your partner is feeling more and more distant.

  • You feel like your partner is too needy and won’t give you room to breathe.

  • Your parents relationship was a mess and you don’t want that… yet you keep making the same mistakes.

  • You don’t want a “traditional” relationship, but you’re confused about how to set up your own boundaries.

Though you ask your friends, family and co-workers about relationship struggles, you just cannot figure out whether your relationships challenges are “normal” or if there is something seriously wrong!

You really need help, but when the problem is between you and your partner, who do you turn to?

Slide1Here’s where a couples therapist comes in! Only in couples therapy, do you have the chance to lay your cards on the table and have someone think with you and your partner about what is really happening between the two of you.

When things get heated, when you’re both feeling attacked, when you’re looking to your partner to help but they simply aren’t available, I will be present to point out the things that you cannot see about yourselves, both as individuals and as a couple.

As a couples therapist, I am not here to point out who is wrong or right, good or bad. My job is to pay attention to what you are both bringing to the table – to speak directly and clearly about what things are leading to increased honesty, closeness and connection and what things are leading to withdrawal, frustration and sadness.



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