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One of the great things about psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy is that it works for the you who is in transition, who hasn’t quite figured out what your dream life would look like.

It can be quite frustrating to be saturated in the self-help market which promises to give you the tools to you go after your desires and reach your goals – especially if you can’t figure out what your goals are!

Do you struggle with:

  • An internal fight between the “shoulds” and the “wants”?Slide1
  • Feeling like the odd one out amidst a sea of friends who are actively pursuing an awesome life?
  • Being paralyzed by the fear that if you choose one path, the other paths will be lost?
  • You desperately want opposing things and you can’t figure out which to choose?

Psychotherapy can help you get to the root of the conflicts that are keeping you from knowing what you want out of life.

In Alice and Wonderland, there is a lovely exchange between the Chesire Cat and Alice:

“Cat: Where are you going?
Alice: Which way should I go?
Cat: That depends on where you are going.
Alice: I don’t know.
Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Do you feel stuck going round and round, trying to figure out what you want and then how to go about getting it, in a world that is full of choices? If so, then psychotherapy might work well for you.

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Featured Image: Catalin Pop
Photo Credit: Roger Fischlin