You: A Straddler!

If you’re a straddler, you’re someone who is caught between two vastly different worlds and you’re struggling to figure out how all of your different “selves” fit together!

  • You’ve come from a blue collar family and now you’re feeling like a fake as you make your way up the ladder in the tech industry!Slide1

  •  Your parents barely completed high school, yet somehow you’ve found yourself a respected member of academia!

  • You are ethnically ambiguous and, despite your efforts to know yourself, you get all tripped up when people ask the dreaded question “What are you?”

  • You’re a rock star at work – efficient, direct and clear – yet in your romantic relationships or personal life, you’re frustrated to find that you become small and lost – you can hardly recognize yourself!

You want a successful, fulfilling life – to be able to roll with the punches and meet each new challenge with energy and pizazz!

…Yet, you constantly find yourself feeling stuck, confused and unable to figure out how to achieve the life you want.

  • You say you want to achieve great things at work, but you’re afraid to approach your boss for a raise.

  • You tell yourself that you want a loving relationship with someone who respects you, yet you keep putting up with people who string you along.

  • You’ve read every self-help book under the sun, but instead of taking that first step, you turn on The Walking Dead and order a pizza.


Sound familiar? 

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Photo Credit: Nina Vital