canstockphoto5725358You set the goal, write-up the plan, follow it for a few weeks and then… life gets in the way.

If you’re the person who has read every self-help book and watched every inspirational show, yet you still find yourself falling back into the same frustrating behaviors, then psychotherapy can help.




If you’re the kind of person who:

  • Uses food to help you relax after a long day, yet regrets your expanding middle
  • Has repeatedly spent thousands of dollars on a gym membership that you never use
  • Decided to set up regular social exchanges, but then find yourself home along in your pajamas again
  • Has vowed to learn the violin, yet can never quite get yourself to practice
  • Has dreamt for years of finally backpacking through Europe, yet can never make the time…

Then psychotherapy is for you!

Psychotherapy can help get to the underlying beliefs and feelings that are keeping you from obtaining the life you want. Though you’ve tried to push yourself to strive, and maybe even enlisted friends or family, you’ve remained unsuccessful.canstockphoto13923798

Psychotherapists are specifically trained to work with people just like you, who have tried everything else and feel on the edge of giving up.

If you’re ready for a life changing journey, then get in touch.

I look forward to meeting you!