Great question!

  • Maybe you keep dating guys who jerk you around.
  • Maybe you date ladies who get mad at you because you don’t want to commit.
  • Maybe you’re in a relationship, but you feel constantly disappointed by your partner.
  • Shoot, maybe you feel like you’re constantly disappointing your partner!

Whatever your relationship troubles, chances are this isn’t the first, second or even third time you’ve been in thisSlide1 situation… and you’re tired of it!

What leads you to find the wrong type of partner over and over again? Is the world simply full of disappointing others or is there something you’re doing to attract the wrong people?

Do you worry that at you’re just – at your core – woefully unsuited for coupling?!

Psychotherapy can help answer these questions.

By finding a therapist that you trust and entering into an honest dialogue about yourself, your history, your relationships and what is happening between you and the therapist right there in the room, you can begin to untangle the confusing relational troubles you find yourself in.

Psychotherapy can help you:

  • Untangle the past from the present in order to meet someone that’s right for you.Slide1

  • Understand what fulfills you, so that you can find a fulfilling relationship.

  • Get to the heart of your doubts about your current partner and answer the question “Is it them or me?”

  • Step out of the cycle of unhealthy dating relationships and enter into a partnership that is alive, connected and honest.

 Photo Credit: Cristina Chirtes, Hector Landaeta, Margarit Ralev